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Kenamy's News

Posted by Kenamy - August 25th, 2021

Unfortunately, i once again concluded with nothing regarding the promised amount of 200$ - 1,000$

So i've just blasted it on this year's Madness Day 2021


It doesn't matter what the community as become, in the past, people are rewarded from results.

so i hope for the best to all Madness Day creators out here.



Posted by Kenamy - December 9th, 2020

waddup, it's ya boi konami~sama

was up to a bunch of stuff this year, but overall, i'm unharmed, infact this is most likely the best year i've ever had.

anyways, no, that sadly does not mean i'm back in animation,

though, interesting news for today, the Animation Tournament of about 200$ in reward i mentionned 2 years ago (Extile server) will most likely appear for real this time (considering i now possess the funds on paypal and not irl)

also, it's no longer 200$, the total reward might be around 1,000$

more info in January


Posted by Kenamy - April 16th, 2019

even thought this is more of a private matter, but as i do not know where you are nowadays, Dudingdarn, i'll sincerely apologize for not meeting you expectations and still regret to this day to not do what i was supposed to.


Posted by Kenamy - November 18th, 2018

that's all i could poop in a month


see ya


Posted by Kenamy - October 19th, 2018

Heya, it's only been 4 days since my last post, but something awful popped out on YouTube into my feeds


I'm sure you all know what Madness REALM is, if not, then god has probably answered your prayers.

I've never really discussed about REALM only to a extend when i just claim i don't like it, but honestly, it's not that bad either, i've always told to any animators that being inspired by this series is not a bad thing, but it's neither a good one.

so i'm going to be a trashbag about realm on this post because of only one image, yes, i just feels like i have to, for most people that is into the madness community (of animators, not just being a fan) probably know the various opinions going on about realm or kelzad himself (though it doesn't matter at all right now)

the first episode was basically his first movie, so there is nothing to blame aside the fact we have a Baby auditor being born out of a accident, and progressively evolve into a even less original monster which appeared in a official incident. (basically he don't even own 1% of the non-physical form, even his powers are basically auditor's)

Why am i bringing this up? for a simple reason that always bothered me, at first, i thought it would be a simple matter of time, but it's not, Kelzad has never once had the intention to have his own shit, even to this day, he is surely drawing flying rocks linked with big ass chains including halloween decorations that was Krinkels's home decoration last year.

i have no idea how you can still enjoy copying content to a extend this extreme, for me, this picture is literally a Krinkels's scene to me, you can't think anything on your own because you just think you don't need to, and that's fucking sad.

Obviously the reason might be something like "oh i don't really need to do so, i have a huge youtuber fanbase into madness and they like whatever i make" Which is a valid argument, there isn't much purpose to make this post aside letting you know you fucking sucks, you're literally part of the YouTubers species which corrupts kids, the only difference is that you still put more work than many others because in madness you can't really be messing around, well, you kinda did it for stuff like boss battle, it was awful and you probably knew it yourself, but didn't bothered to redo or even practice a minimum (that would be actually worse if you redid it and still being bad)

i don't get it, why would you still copy shit ? do you have a personality ? are you krinkels's son ? is it something like Fortnite trend, so you have to make fortnite videos to get popular and you do the same way with SACRIFICE.fla and all the others .fla and you absolutely need to do the same ?

Some people may not give much thoughts about it, but bro, no one really wanted a reduced quality krinkels version. and don't even thinks stuff like "oye but Burtjack, Thece and Prov22 did it", the problem is, you can't compare to these animators, they are literally newborn faggots with a copyright infragment disease as temporarily cancer symptoms.

I Know you will change nothing what you've done in REALM5, but if possible, reduce any references regarding the entire .fla Series.



Posted by Kenamy - October 14th, 2018

So, alot of people even amongs the animators of Madness WhiteHank have been asking me (and kRyy prob got asked the same), "HOW DID WHITEHANK STARTED ?"

To answer this in a simple way, here are all the essential elements to it :


It's the same way a normal collab would work, exept that i wanted a even closer kind of teamwork like it's been seen in some stick figure animations : Animating in the Same scene ! Whitehank collab was normally a mere Co-op Test for the Extile community, the reason it ended up being published is that i estimated there was enough work to be sent as a actual movie.



we just didn't fukin know what to animate, so i asked @Thece to make a White hank, and he did it ! this is based off a Madness combat 7 parody which included a reversed color hank.



Kote was last in Whitehank 1, and did additional scenes to it, he asked me for the ending and we had a short discussion about it.



Dunno, but it's probably the fact kRyy is retarded for storyboarding and somewhat feels at ease animating stuffs that was already set, Whitehank was from the beginning a troll project, designed for trollers.



As you can see, There is absolutely no purpose in knowing in details what Whitehank is, the main reason it went exceptionally decent was that series, took few madness animators joining in that was approved, and getting even better from being influenced each others, We shared creations and test and we get inspired (or angry) at them. We no longer wished Brainless actions that had no logic at all (we still don't have much logic but i believe it has been somewhat worked on lol)

Extile is a cool dictatorship madness community, Which i shamelessly set up contents that should have never been ever made as a animator : "RANKS"

No one really told me about this, but why would i claim that i was doing the wrong thing ? Pretty simple, Madness is owned by Krinkels, from imposing a Ranking, That's mean the Extile Community is the one deciding what's right and wrong in whatever creations you do with the Style. 

Truth be told, i just made Extile to apply my ideals, i didn't used to mind the 0 IQ Agents staying on the scene until they get shot because i also had 0 IQ back then, but nowadays it has been something i was awfully upset about, even more when some Animators was making agents shooting to the Protagonist but still fucking miss him because it's the protagonist so he can't get fucking injured for the moment, STOP MAKING -50 IQ AGENTS, THANKS.


I didn't wanted to say it out loud cause it was supposed to be obvious, but Krinkels's agents are a O.K, they aren't forcely dumb, the protagonist is usually just too fast for the agent to react against them, back then, Animators would make slow walking and slow movements, etc... and that's one of the main reason why old collabs would be nowadays just retarded relics.

anyways guys xd i know im kidna rude but uhhhh.... extile is a good influence, lol, we are always right, you know, and uhh, we cool too, and all that stuff, we influence the community of madens too......... git gud, y'kno.


Posted by Kenamy - September 22nd, 2018

Unfortunately, i have barely anything to show, but here is the movie i Contributed to :





Posted by Kenamy - August 24th, 2018



Posted by Kenamy - May 23rd, 2018

This Month's Activity in Extile was this short Collaboration including 10 Animators just one scene! took kind of longer than we all expected but it's turned out decent enough.

 4046451_152708124281_WHC.png Event #1 (hosted by Kenamy)

(WhiteHank 2 is hosted by kRyy, Join the Discord to apply > https://discord.gg/NQgcsb3)

By the way, I didn't really announced it publicly, but Imperium of Madness is cancelled, The Main reason was the trailer being a experimental new style, and the outcome was not really good, so the lacks of interests of Imperium was clearly visible, it's was fun working on it regardless.


Imperium of Madness was replaced by Ninja Project Hosted by @kRyy

Info here : https://kryy.newgrounds.com/news/post/1010901


The skill required to enter is still pretty high, you need to be able to control your pace (from Slow to Fast) and most likely mastering Easing, and knows how to interacts with the opponents in a realistic way. If you think you meet these requirements, go apply c;

4046451_152708202313_ad.png Project #1 (hosted by kRyy)


Posted by Kenamy - May 1st, 2018

yOu bEtTeR PrAcTiCe rIgHt nOw !!!

Starting June 1st


Also here's a small thing