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Endless corruption

Posted by Kenamy - October 19th, 2018

Heya, it's only been 4 days since my last post, but something awful popped out on YouTube into my feeds


I'm sure you all know what Madness REALM is, if not, then god has probably answered your prayers.

I've never really discussed about REALM only to a extend when i just claim i don't like it, but honestly, it's not that bad either, i've always told to any animators that being inspired by this series is not a bad thing, but it's neither a good one.

so i'm going to be a trashbag about realm on this post because of only one image, yes, i just feels like i have to, for most people that is into the madness community (of animators, not just being a fan) probably know the various opinions going on about realm or kelzad himself (though it doesn't matter at all right now)

the first episode was basically his first movie, so there is nothing to blame aside the fact we have a Baby auditor being born out of a accident, and progressively evolve into a even less original monster which appeared in a official incident. (basically he don't even own 1% of the non-physical form, even his powers are basically auditor's)

Why am i bringing this up? for a simple reason that always bothered me, at first, i thought it would be a simple matter of time, but it's not, Kelzad has never once had the intention to have his own shit, even to this day, he is surely drawing flying rocks linked with big ass chains including halloween decorations that was Krinkels's home decoration last year.

i have no idea how you can still enjoy copying content to a extend this extreme, for me, this picture is literally a Krinkels's scene to me, you can't think anything on your own because you just think you don't need to, and that's fucking sad.

Obviously the reason might be something like "oh i don't really need to do so, i have a huge youtuber fanbase into madness and they like whatever i make" Which is a valid argument, there isn't much purpose to make this post aside letting you know you fucking sucks, you're literally part of the YouTubers species which corrupts kids, the only difference is that you still put more work than many others because in madness you can't really be messing around, well, you kinda did it for stuff like boss battle, it was awful and you probably knew it yourself, but didn't bothered to redo or even practice a minimum (that would be actually worse if you redid it and still being bad)

i don't get it, why would you still copy shit ? do you have a personality ? are you krinkels's son ? is it something like Fortnite trend, so you have to make fortnite videos to get popular and you do the same way with SACRIFICE.fla and all the others .fla and you absolutely need to do the same ?

Some people may not give much thoughts about it, but bro, no one really wanted a reduced quality krinkels version. and don't even thinks stuff like "oye but Burtjack, Thece and Prov22 did it", the problem is, you can't compare to these animators, they are literally newborn faggots with a copyright infragment disease as temporarily cancer symptoms.

I Know you will change nothing what you've done in REALM5, but if possible, reduce any references regarding the entire .fla Series.



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damn right


"new born faggots" lol
true tho

Damn,,,, you got me, time to cancel my 15 hour madness movie then...

apparently it's fine because you're still considered as a newborn. the main point here is that he copied content in his entire life, and is being claimed as one of the best madness animator still to this day, in which why i am upset about it.

something original is always hard to make. Maybe Kelzad just haven't make something original YEET. But honestly the animations the people in the madness community made is pretty much original cause of the story of each one. I do agree with you but also don't agree with ya. (Second time writing a comment on Newgrounds and WTF,this has a character limit)

This is why in the post i've brought REALM 1, i mean, it's been 4,5 years and still can't think for himself ? let's get straight to the point, he NEVER intended to make efforts in it.

@Castavia @Kenamy sARCASIM, hello where are you

doesn't change the fact ur a newborn...................................................

lazy to read this

hey nice glasses

"Newborn faggots", huh?
I give credit, you speak out loud with this and being honest about it
I share your point of view on this
Though the animations from the "Newborns" are somewhat made to NOT fuck with the main lore

i said it that way because i think EVERYONE used to make full copied ideas, but that's somewhat normal, no one that started madness already had knowledge about animations (in a pro way), and this is mainly about age, it's a issue that just should have dissapeared but people still find it cool to make a ugly version of krinkels's latest content.

I don't know why you needed to finish this mostly reserved and fairly valid opinion piece with unwarranted toxicity.
It didn't really even help you to get the point across better.

placeholder text

@DoiCi @Kenamy merci bub

oh ok


C'est justement à cause de ça que j'ai arrêté de donner une importance à Madness Combat.
C'est toujours la même chose (des films de merde, des collabs de merde, le même univers à la con, etc...) et quand t'essayes de faire un truc original, y'a cette putain de flemme qui t'envahie et tu perds tout intérêt dans ça.

englesh plez

"no one really wanted a reduced quality krinkels version." yet a fuckton of people watched and liked the series, lol.
My question is, why don't you try to create your own series to get out of irrelevancy for once instead of just complaining about other people's work?

What i meant by that is not the many existing tributes, but the fact Kelzad literally recycled the storyline and made it his own to a level no one has ever reached.

EDIT : ok so i thought your post was interesting, but it's not, it's just another version of Youtube comments on movies like "shup up you can't do better" like you actually need to be better at it to be able in reviewing and commenting a movie. which is pretty dumb as nothing is perfect, so you'll obviously receive complains from atleast one person in whatever you are publishing, it's something to accept, and if not, countering the arguments, but it seems there isn't much to counter.

ok, so? i mean, why don't you try to focus on yourself and demonstrate to the rest of the community that you can be original yourself. You're doing nothing by complaining dude. You just want the community to change the way you want it

OMG, i mean, you're so fucking toxic on your last statements I can't even stand you.

YES, there's a trend going on about making similar movies to SACRIFICE.fla. But is it necessary to call faggots everyone that liked the idea and tried to make something similar? You somehow want everyone to follow your rules of "ye, don't make 10iq enemies plz", or "don't make a movie like sacrifice.fla because you're unoriginal".

From my point of view, you're the fag here. Let everyone do what the fuck they want. Are they doing something bad after all by taking krinkels' idea? You can't talk about originality here when we all used Krinkels' work to make our own movies: They did, I did, and you did too. Let just people do the content that they like to do, and maybe someday, some of the new animators will realize that they can also execute ideas by themselves, but by now, instead of complaining, we should encourage them to search ideas, instead of being a total asshole like you, which just makes the new part of the community stay unmotivated.

My point is, that this is just a community, and what you're doing right now with this post is unhelpful and toxic, when communities are actually supposed to help each other, but you're not helping anybody by telling the people that are new in the community that they are "newborn faggots".

I thought you were welcoming with the new people in the community, as most of madness animators are, but you aren't. Try to be more humble the next time.

oyea i did forgot i could actually harm people through cyberbulling from calling people newborn faggots even though their main passion is animating dead people, i wasn't aware and i truly apologize to have done this.

i do realize i'm toxic, but it's as i said, i feel like saying it, so i did.

i still welcome people though, my definition of "newborn faggots" is basically people that begins and can't help but copy others to reach something, which is perfectly fine for the purpose of improving later on.



So instead of taking liberty to release your own new solo movie, to inspire people and show them how it's done, you're going to instead waste time writing these massive flame posts attacking people?

Big think.

I see a lot of complaining and a lack of setting an example.

true, but i believe it's still uncomparable as you can take a year to make the movie and 30 minutes for the post,

the only way it could be considered a waste would be a actual YouTuber missing his daily video upload at this point.

Placeholder post

@Dark11O Let's be friends and respect each other's skills

Coming from you, this post lacks a lot of realism. I recommend that you erase it and do it again with your realism.



bu- but i didn't even said dis on dis post >:u

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