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the end?

2017-08-27 15:46:26 by Kenamy

I Ended up having 0 project for this Madness Day,

infact, The collab i "used" to own somewhat changed, and i don't even have the will to work on even one full scene.

it's been awhile that my activity has been visible, but this may come in conclusion that i'm definitively dead,


Anyways, cheers and see you at MD17 !


2017-08-20 09:49:55 by Kenamy

community update.



2017-07-11 08:38:02 by Kenamy

i've got some outdated undone stuff that's never going to be finished, so here is it :


1) Muzzle Flash AUG Test

2) Abandonned Le Madness 2 Scene

3) Abandonned Grunt Escape Collab scene

4) Lost file Collab scene

5) Abandonned Ending scene idea

6) Dudingdarn's Sprites + MP40 Test

7) Old Project i was supposed to do but dropped out 2 years ago


i think i got rusty


2017-07-03 16:58:16 by Kenamy

idk what's the drama all about, but i'm outta here.

and yes, i do have a few plans for MD17, atleast one is pretty much sure to be done.


see you there



2017-06-12 14:46:34 by Kenamy

Ratnic is still underrated, don't ask and follow him !


2017-05-24 14:33:07 by Kenamy

Just passing by.

The Co-op Jailbreak Collab is currently paused for a pretty long time, but i hope you are all ready to sacrifice your vacations for the weirdest collab ever.

And so, if anyone want to be retired from it (any reason is fine) Just tell me.



My animations will looks weird with all those stick figures and effects practices

There is a few problems in the organisation of the collab that i've started to build up (especially because i'm a traitor)

But it's been decided that @JSoull is now Officially the one who will lead this project.


I Currently have no clue of it's progress, even less if it's still going or people lost interest at it. I've been (as you've probably noticed) a more common kind of animations for different reasons, my passion of Madness Combat is still the same but i wanted to experiment new stuffs, which doesn't involve using sprites and such.

I'm still making my own part with PikaLight as planned (if it's still on) and will probably return in the Madness Community in a few years, or never if i eventually fail in life since i'm turning 18 less than a month.

I Don't really can say that i'm dead, i'll just fucking apologize to Dudingdarn for being a trash that can't keep his promisses, but i'll definitively manage to do 2 or 3 full scenes for you.


Keep animating, faggots! <3

- Kenamy The Hacker

am sad

2017-02-24 08:37:59 by Kenamy


He's officially dead, one of my favorite animators... goddamn


2017-02-14 14:20:24 by Kenamy

It's seems a lot of members are complaining since i wasn't active since 2 weeks,

but who the hell said the collab have started ;-; ?


Just so you know, Le_Madness was just some basic ideas discussion

and i've actually started it like 4 months after the discussion, well, whatever...


The Storyline will be etablished this Week-End and the collab progress will start for real.

and so, i'm truly sorry for the wait.

Madness Collab : CO-OP MODE

2017-01-14 10:26:38 by Kenamy


Collab Hosted by Kenamy            Creation Date : 13 January           Release Date : 21 September


Latest List Update : 12 Febuary


  1. [M&M'S] Vaetek & Gibb50
  2. [F.A.T Team] DaKedar & Kryy
  3. [Pacific Team] XetaCross & oWnOmega
  4. [Big Boys Team] SM28 & Viridian
  5. [Kool Kids Team] AwezNG & Jsoull
  6. [White Eyed Team] Dankon & Atp505
  7. [Typhoon Butter Team] Dudingdarn & Eshio
  8. [Straight Busta Bois Team] ICreeper & DaskerKS
  9. [Perverted Corporation Team] Kenamy & PikaLight

In my last post, I've started to assemble a few skilled Volunteer for this project, despite that i haven't gave a Single information about it, This new post will explain more likely how this Collab will work... with a few Conditions and a Storyline to respect "Alongside" a comrade.

Indeed, The speciality that this collab will offer is a CO-OP with Another Animator in the collab.


( The Picture above is a example, there is currently 0 Cooperation team created or confirmed yet )

All you have to do for now is choosing a Partner that you would like to have and Animate together, and more importantly : With someone that you get along, Agree or giving honest opinion with your partner's suggestions, Getting good ideas of scenes that can be combinated and looks awesome !


You might think it's looks pretty hard to set such a thing, But a cooperation scene can be progressed in different ways, Having 2 characters, sharing the progress, Planning the next action, etc...

Every chapters will receive a specific event, that the CO-OP have to Insert it at their part, The Storyline won't be explained here, but here is a "Example" on how things will more or less turn out to be like:


( NOTE : these infos are just example )

As you can see, one scene of a CO-OP can affect another CO-OP scene and have to deal with it, and the Story will be created from assembling every scenes.


The Collab is Full, Every roles will be given in a few days...


If you need more information, Comments or Private Message.

IMPORTANT NOTE : If your scene doesn't reach any expectations, it's Denied and will not appear on the Project.