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[info] Madness Jailbreak (aka. Co-op Collab)

2017-03-29 14:26:06 by Kenamy

There is a few problems in the organisation of the collab that i've started to build up (especially because i'm a traitor)

But it's been decided that @JSoull is now Officially the one who will lead this project.


I Currently have no clue of it's progress, even less if it's still going or people lost interest at it. I've been (as you've probably noticed) a more common kind of animations for different reasons, my passion of Madness Combat is still the same but i wanted to experiment new stuffs, which doesn't involve using sprites and such.

I'm still making my own part with PikaLight as planned (if it's still on) and will probably return in the Madness Community in a few years, or never if i eventually fail in life since i'm turning 18 less than a month.

I Don't really can say that i'm dead, i'll just fucking apologize to Dudingdarn for being a trash that can't keep his promisses, but i'll definitively manage to do 2 or 3 full scenes for you.


Keep animating, faggots! <3

- Kenamy The Hacker


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2017-03-29 14:42:28

Don't worry buddy, the collab is in good hands :)

Kenamy responds:

nice! i can't wait to see my... i mean "your" collab finished :v


2017-03-29 15:00:52

im no fag


2017-03-29 15:01:04

why are you a "traitor"

Kenamy responds:

i didn't make any progress of the collab since i've joined Hyun's Dojo, which is a community mainly based out of stick figures animators.


2017-03-29 15:01:37


Kenamy responds:



2017-03-29 16:22:14

Maybe stop playing roblox and then we could talk about your future.

Kenamy responds:

hah, haven't played it since a month.


2017-03-29 17:32:40

@Kenamy just for that wow can't hurt to try new thing but one

Kenamy responds:

well, i won't really call a "try" if i'm staying in stick animations for years.


2017-03-29 18:13:17

Then what are you doing!

Kenamy responds:

look who's talking


2017-03-29 19:44:54

I sortaa feel a bit sorry for Jsoull now, since
he is now gonna be responsible for a lot of different projects at once now.
But ye, Good Luck with your Stick Animations & Dojo Duels

(Updated ) Kenamy responds:

he's apparently wanted to take over the organizator place. normally it's shouldn't be a problem.
and tenx u


2017-03-30 12:52:07

Just uninstall roblox and move your ass


2017-03-30 13:03:49

You don't have to say sorry, you can focus on your ̶R̶O̶B̶L̶O̶X̶ Hyun dojo things, you can always make the full scenes next years tho!


2017-03-31 16:14:29

Look at my newest post! You can't say that!


2017-04-03 11:34:20

WAIT! NOO! My favourite animator is *ded* for (long) while! I cri! ;_;


2017-04-04 12:32:28

Where's my parts!? >:T

Kenamy responds: