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Short Co-op Madness Brawl Released !

Posted by Kenamy - February 24th, 2018

Watch it Here, Avaliable on YouTube on @Kryy 's Channel


or Newgrounds :




People keep mentionning the "drama",

but stop being a angry kid and try to understand that the conflict was between Kelzad and Djjaner,

In this video, we present the whole team against Djjaner, (so basically not directly involving Kelzad) this is merely a Fist Showcase.


Also write a review of your thought about it, we attempted a few very new style and actions <3

Comments (9)

But why do you involve the ones who arent suppose to be in there???

it's was to respect Zeophyte's idealism since the original idea belongs to him.
and you still didn't read the post, it's not because he killed the guys that he forcely hate him,

for example, take "Maxification" by JSoull, lot of Characters OC die in it by mere agents.

But still my man, if you participate in a group of members that doesnt mean you are in charge of the bullshit they do. Makes no sense why gabe is hated indirectly as he has nothing to deal with this. And you can clearly judge whether the act of killing an oc is by hatred or just a joke. Im just saying dont involve ones who arent suppose to be involved

figure i'd tell you the real "global" thoughts about it, since we are far from understanding the logic of each others.

you're the one fucking dumb boi for being sad about all this,
you go to the internet for fun and as a hobby, not for spending your time for having similar situations than real life with lots of conflicts, can't be more lame and boring than this.

i didnt ask you to get pissed, my point was how can one tell if this was by hate or a joke if he knows nothing about the situation, you are giving other hatered they dont deserve

well, nah, if they don't know about the situation, then all they see are people dying like all others movies.

Kryy's part was good.

i agree

I like how everybody takes an animated movie hella seriously, it's just someone's oc's dying and thats it, it littelary doesn't mean anything lmao.

@dronik , yeah bro it's just that it's not worth it, there is no apparent point for this. I just dont like the fact it involves the whole group

J'ai cru que t'avais arrêté Madness Combat et que t'étais passé aux stickmen.

Kenamy's parts were my favourite

The animation was gold anybody who takes this seriously is on another fucking planet